Snowden Leather Supplies LTD

Started by Henry Hassan in 1979.  Henry created his own belt and frogs and his co workers were impressed by his handy work.  After creating a few more for colleges Henry decided to make a business of it.  35 years later his son Neil and his wife Maxine carry on the tradition and the reputation of Snowden Leather Supplies is as strong as the products it produces.

Snowden Leather supplies operates on a made to order policy.  This means every order is made from scratch on the day that you order your products.  Our Scaffolders Belts and Steel erector frogs are built to last.  We occasionally get orders from past customers but never due to failure or breakage.  Most of the time the customer has had there items stolen.  We refuse to compromise on quality which is why we are a respected brand scaffolders belt and steel erectors belt manufacturer.

Black Scaffolders belt from snowden leather

The best quality scaffolders belt?

The PRObelt is made by hand in the UK using the same methods as our standard belt but comes in black leather that is both thicker and tougher.  The best Scafolders and steel erectors belt just got even better!

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